The TM920 Time recorder is real value for money without comprimise on quality.        

With features like automatic Summer & Winter time changes, Up-to 6 clockings per person per day,

2 colour printing, bell ringing facility, full battery backup and clear dot matrix printing,

you can simply plug in and forget. 


Kit Contains the following:

One TM920 time recorder

One pack of 100 Weekly or Monthly time cards

One 10 pocket time card rack




  • Large Back Lit Digital clock face is easy to view.

  • Quartz crystal accuracy and perpetual calendar to assure correct adjustment at end of the month

  • Full battery standby.

  • Standard IN/OUT 6 columns printing can be selected as auto-shift or manual.

  • With selectable Day Line Change Time to meet specified schedule you require.  

  • Auto delivery time card IN/OUT within card slot.

  • Auto-detecting right side of time card programming available.

  • 2 colour printing prints RED when an employee is late.

  • External contacts for connection to bell/ siren.

  • Function of monthly pay or weekly pay ending can be changed at option.

  • Each day of week can be programmed independently within a week.
  • 24 set of colour/music/column to give maximum flexibility for various work schedules.
  • Compact, smart design suitable for office environment or factory usage. 

  • Anti-tamper, lockable case.       

Needtek TM920 Time Recorder Starter Kit


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